MySpace Banner Promotion Tips

Network banner exchange is a popular means of cross-promotion among websites. You may employ this marketing strategy on your band’s MySpace Music page as well. Because your MySpace Music band profile allows HTML editing in certain parts of the details tabs, you can copy and paste any network banner’s code onto the page. Secure the HTML code of the network banner you intend to put on your MySpace Music page to get started.

Log into your MySpace Music profile, click the “Profile” tab and choose “Customize Profile” from the ensuing drop-down menu.

Click the “Edit” link directly below the “Bio” section if you want the network banner prominently displayed below your music player and above your comments. Select any of the sections below if you want the network banner to display in the left column.

MySpace music profiles offer more than updates on upcoming shows, band biographies and blog posts; they offer downloadable music for sale. With a credit card and an account with an online music distribution service, you easily can download music from MySpace music profiles.

Go to Sign in to your MySpace profile.

Click the arrow on the search bar toward the top of the screen. Click on “Music.”

Any MySpace user can add music to their profile. It is as simple as browsing or searching for music on the MySpace network and then clicking the “Add” button. There are thousands of songs to choose from. You can customize the behavior and look of the music player that appears in your profile. Best of all, you will be helping to promote the musicians you appreciate.

Get a MySpace profile. Go to the MySpace homepage and click “Sign Up.” Enter the required information (name, email, password, etc.). Check your email, click the confirmation link and you’re all set up.

Browse the MySpace music network. To do this, first click the “Music” tab above your profile. From the “Browse by” drop-down menu you can browse through songs your MySpace friends have recently added or top musicians in the network.

Being successful in the music business requires a lot of hard work, as well as talent. Making contacts in the business world and elsewhere can lead to success. Unfortunately, some new to the business think that that if they are extremely talented, success will simply fall their way and they will be vaulted to stardom. Although this does happen, it is rare. This article offers some tips on how to ensure future success.

Develop your music business identity. Craft a biography on your background and career achievements and assemble some samples of your previous work and information on current projects.

Assemble your business collateral–business cards, letterhead, stationary, press kits, e-mail address and possibly a website. Use these materials to network within the industry and present a professional image to others.

Just like Limewire or Napster, Imeem allows you to download songs using peer-to-peer technology and save the songs to your computer. These files come in a variety of formats but are playable on most media players. You can convert your Imeem files to the more compatible MP3 format in just minutes using two free online programs. These programs, iTunes and the Music Match Jukebox, can be downloaded in minutes from their websites.

Download the Music Match Jukebox from the program’s website and launch the program on your desktop.

Select “Options”>”File”>”Convert” from the program’s upper menu bar.

No matter if your band is playing its first show or is already well-established, it needs to be promoted to the local area and sometimes outside of that area. Promoting a show well or not promoting a show at all can make a difference between having an audience—and a paycheck—or not having one. Some bands use concert promoters, but others can do it well on their own or with the help of a few friends or fans. If you promote your band in a variety of ways, you have a better chance in having a nice-sized audience and perhaps making a few new fans.


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