How to Successfully Sell Your Music



The struggling recording industry has opened up opportunities for independent artists to sell their music. Fans of rock, hip-hop and other musical genres have turned away from major labels due to high album prices. These music aficionados are looking at MP3 websites, independent labels and music festivals for the next big act. An independent artist must be persistent while selling his or her music in person and online.

Start a website for your music and promote the site’s link at every opportunity. This website should feature music samples, tour information and your background to help fans learn more about a new artist.

Create your own CDs and packaging material in an appeal to the DIY crowd while selling music. Fans of independent music appreciate self-applied labels, handwritten liner notes and album covers that are created by musicians.

Musical artists in all genres depend on well written lyrics to make catchy, memorable songs. By developing your songwriting talent and working with a compatible composer, you can improve your odds of selling your lyrics and building a durable career as a lyricist in the music business. Cultivate your songwriting talent. Listen to music and lyrics you enjoy and study why you like them.


Your own musical tastes will likely dictate the genre or genres you write in. Then, write about things you know, or that are dear to your heart, like love, relationships, family, or other interesting stories about your life or the people and places around you. You should also have a basic idea about musical composition, as actually arranging songs is a more complicated process than just jotting down verses. The more knowledge you have, the better.


Find a musician or composer to work with. Record companies seldom if ever look at lyrics submitted in the mail. The Artists and Repertoire people in charge of spotting talent for these companies need to be able to hear the lyrics in songs to get a feel for whether or not it would be something for their label. If you’re not friends with any musicians, and would not feel comfortable performing demos yourself, you can probably find musicians-for-hire by way of a simple internet search. From there you’ll need to carefully vet performers to make sure you get someone stylistically compatible with your genre and lyrics. You’ll also probably have to pay for recording studio time and music production, unless you’re working with an aspiring musician who may be willing to share in the risk for a chance at reward.


MySpace is a social network where bands can introduce their music, without a label, to millions of people at one time.   Upon setting up a profile, you can also share the link with non-Myspace users to sell music to your fans. Though you cannot sell music directly through MySpace, you can provide links to places your music is sold online.


Add your music to iTunes. You must be approved through iTunes before uploading your music. Set up a seller’s account. Log in to MySpace upon approval and paste a link to your iTunes store in the “About Me” or similar section. Set up a seller’s account with Upload your music so people can purchase your digital files. Contact Amazon to sell your CDs as well. Copy the link to your Amazon page and link it to your MySpace account.


There are many options for singers, bands and musicians to get original music to the public, regardless of the type of music you play. You can sell music from a band website or blog, or from social media sites like MySpace and Facebook. There also are several recorded music formats, from digital streaming and downloads to CDs, vinyl singles and albums. You can be in charge of selling your own music without depending upon a record company to do it for you.

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