How to Sell Your Music Online



Looking to make more money with your music? Here are some great articles on how to effectively sell your music on various music websites online:


How to Sell Music on Facebook 

So, here’s how to sell your music via Nimbit on Facebook. Also, learn why as an artist you need to be using a fan page for your music, not your personal Facebook profile. Install the Nimbit store shown in the video on your


How to Sell Music on SoundCloud

As a Studio One user, you’re well aware that SoundCloud® has rapidly turned into the “YouTube of music discovery.” We’ve offered the capability to upload directly to SoundCloud from Studio One since


How To Sell Music In 2013 

Understanding how to sell music online is imperative for independent artists …many resources available that help to greatly simplify this task for musicians.


For more tips and tricks to selling your music online, here are some very informative videos:


Music Artists: How To Sell Your Music

Get Your Personal Music Store Here –


Music Marketing: How to Sell Music Online: The 5 Main Professional Strategies

Learn how to market your music the way professionals do for licensing or royalties.


Indie Music Marketing: Struggling to Sell Your Music?

3 reasons why indie musicians struggle to sell their music – You need to watch this video if you are an indie musician and you are struggling to sell your music…



How to Sell 200,000 CDs Without a Record Company

Learn How to Market, Promote & Sell Your Music Worldwide Using Nothing More Then MySpace!


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