How to Build Your Fanbase as a Music Artist

Making it in the music industry can be tough, but with motivation and dedication, you can live your dreams as a music artist! You need talent, but that alone won’t lead to success.

You need to know how to build a fan base from the ground up.

Record your music. Use a computer program such as GarageBand from Macintosh to record your best tracks. You can also record in a studio, but that is usually expensive. Take the time to make each song as good as it can be. Your recordings will ultimately represent you in the next phases of promotion.

Burn as many copies of your CD as you think you can pass on to others. You can always go back and burn more if there is high demand. Write out or print out a standard label for each CD that contains your name as well as a link to the website you are going to create.
Promote your music through various outlets. Create a website using free resources such as Myspace and Facebook. is also an excellent website for promoting yourself and your music for free.

Post information about your music online. You can list upcoming performance dates, upload streaming mp3s of your music and write a biography that tells visitors about what you do. It is also a good idea to print fliers to post around colleges, coffee houses, bars and major intersection where people will notice them. The flier should announce any upcoming shows and provide a link to your website.


MySpace Music gives budding and professional artists the ability to build a fan base, showcase original music and connect with listeners. Maintaining a music profile can seem frustrating and pointless,though, if nobody is listening. Simply creating a profile does not amount to increased exposure. If you want MySpace users and web surfers to find and visit your profile, you will need to take a proactive approach. Link to your MySpace profile from other websites. If you have a band site, personal site, Facebook page, Twitter feed or other social network pages, take a moment to add a MySpace link to each. This not only draws people’s attention to your MySpace profile, but also helps your search engine ranking,making it easier for new people to find you.


Take an active interest in other bands. For example, befriend similar bands and leave comments in their comment streams, letting them know which songs of theirs you admire or complimenting their live shows (assuming you have seen them live). This allows you to gain the attention of fans who like your type of music, but without spamming the comment streams of other bands. Establishing an online presence can be important to a musician or band trying to build a fan base. In addition to social networking, advertising and other online promotion, having a central online location from which prospective fans can preview and enjoy your songs can help build this base. However, this can be a difficult prospect if you are on a tight budget. In this case, you can save money by making a free music page with a social networking platform or artist resource.


Decide on a free music page provider that suits your needs. There are many social networking platforms and artist resources that allow musicians to create free pages. Try ReverbNation if you are a musician or manager looking to create a free music page. Create a new account with the free music page provider. Click the “Register” or “Sign Up” link on the provider’s main page.   MySpace is still an effective social network where bands can introduce their music, without a label, to millions of people at one time. Upon setting up a profile, you can also share the link with non-Myspace users to sell music to your fans. Though you cannot sell music directly through MySpace, you can provide links to places your music is sold online.


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