How to Better Engage Your Fans as a Music Artist


“Whatever your business is, talk to your customers and
provide them with what they want”

– Robert Bowman, CEO Major League Baseball Advanced Media


For musicians, much the same as with any other business, success comes with knowing your customers or audience. That’s why we highly suggest you ask questions, one of the best ways  to communicate with your fans directly and openly.

Asking questions lets you engage fans of all levels, from those prospective early adopters, to casual listeners, to your core fanbase, to fellow musicians, to the VIPs who want nothing more than to plaster their walls with your posters and follow your every post on Facebook and Twitter. Your fans crave more than just your music; they want to know your history. Some may want to share their own experiences and find ways to relate to you and your music. Questions lets you open the window of communication and build fan relationships.

A pinch of music, a shot of tour dates, stir in fan questions…

You might think of your FaceBook page or website as a cocktail. Each ingredient works together harmoniously to build your story and satisfy your fans. Soliciting fan input makes your drink unique and gives your fans a personal stake in it. That’s what makes asking questions really special — it is powered by your biggest asset, your fans!


Questions builds your mailing list

After a fan submits a question to you, add their e-mail address to your mailing list. This will help grow your fan base with real, committed followers. Fans who ask questions are actively displaying their interest in you and your career. They’ve already raised their hand. These can be the most valuable fans and asking simple questions is designed to help turn them into subscribers/customers. Every question asked is another opportunity to gain a new fan!


Why ask questions?
– To make strong connections with your fans
– To have a one-stop location for fan engagement
– To create and tap into fan dialogue on Facebook and Twitter
– To increase your fan mailing list — Asking questions is a powerful list building tool, especially for converting casual fans on Facebook and Twitter into customers you can contact directly.


Follow these easy steps…

1. Invite fans to submit intriguing questions.
2. Post your answers for your entire fanbase.
3. Share your Q&A on Facebook and Twitter. It’s that easy.


*Team RnB Tip*: Share each Q&A post 2-3x, at different times during the day, to ensure fans see them in their newsfeed.


How do I get more questions from fans?

Simple. Ask questions via Facebook, Twitter and Email. You can also offer incentives such as free song downloads or autographed pictures to fans who do send you great questions!


*Team RnB Tip*: Invite Fan Questions at least once a week to keep your Q&A fresh and your fans coming back for more!


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