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What You Need  to Know About R&B Beats

Making awesome R&B beats takes more than a good sound collection and nice beat making software package. It takes more than talent. Learn more…


Get The Most Out Of Your R&B Instrumentals

Are you in search of R&B beats for building your own professionally produced album or live show? If so, you’ll be excited to know that there are countess numbers of audio production sites and instrumental products online that


Check out these cool R&B beat videos:

Ms. Instrumental and Guzy collaboration Making a R&B/Hip-Hop Beat!

My partner and I came together to create a masterpiece Hip-Hop/R&B style beat! We had such a great time being creative…



Treleon Reason R&B Composition Tutorial Making Beats!!!

Treleon Making Beats, Instrumentals – Watch in HD for better sound quality!!


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