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Never be uninspired or experience that dreadful writers block again! With hundreds of beats to choose from plus brand-new instrumentals to work with every month, you'll be ready unleash that REAL creative monster of an artist within you… and your pen will just ooze with amazing lyrics that create the type of songs that will inspire people & change their lives when they hear them!

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Now that you’ll be making more songs, you’re fans are absolutely gonna love you for it! For example, you could run a promotion where you give away a free new song every 3-4 days to your fans (since you have hundreds of beats to work with), and then the following month you could sell them a whole new CD. Because you gave them all the cool free songs last month, your fans will cop your new album!

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Think about it: if you are releasing all these new songs all over the web, your chances of a Major Label A&R discovering you sky-rocket! Plus, those label execs are gonna pay close attention to you because not only are your lyrics and flow on point…the beats are bangin too. In addition, official members get access to our exclusive contact list of Major Record Label talent scouts seeking ultra-talented music artists like you to sign!

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